BROKEN Sony Flagship Discman D-Z555 Portable CD player with Optical Digital Output

Jun 12, 2021 |

This listing is for a non functional Sony Discman D-Z555 CD player. During my testing I found that the player powers up and attempts to play the CD (you can hear the motor spinning) but it never starts playing. This player has no notable physical damage, no battery terminal corrosion, and appears to have been […more]

BROKEN Lot of 10 Sony Discman Vintage Portable CD Players D-35 D55 D-9 D-5 D-T10

Apr 26, 2020 |

This listing is for a lot of 10 Sony Discman CD players in non working order. 5 units have FM radio as well and 5 units do not. None of these players can play a CD, they all require repair, a couple of the FM radio models seem to have functioning FM radios. No power […more]